LEGO to Transition from Plastic Pieces to Broken Glass Pieces

BILLUND, DENMARK (The Nil Admirari) - LEGO Group announced today it will be transitioning from plastic building pieces to more sustainable broken glass building pieces. The company has relied on plastic since the late 1950s, but stated it will fully transition to broken glass building pieces in time for Christmas shopping this year.

"LEGO Group is a company concerned about sustainability, but we used around 6,000 tons of plastic just last year and think we can do better. Our reliance on plastic will be broken, and glass is the answer," stated LEGO Group owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.

Kristiansen pointed out glass was known for being made of widely available raw materials like sand, and is fully recyclable.

Original image altered by "The Nil Admirari."
New LEGO broken glass building pieces. (Photo Source)

"Our new broken glass building pieces will connect to each other, but in unconventional and counterintuitive ways that children will have to figure out through a series of trial and error construction efforts," explained Kristiansen.

LEGO stated special rubber handling gloves, goggles, aprons, and footwear will accompany all of its new broken glass building sets.


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