Christian Fundamentalist Refuses Help from Gay Paramedics, Dies

BENTLEY, LOUISIANA (The Nil Admirari) - A 55-year-old man from Bentley, Louisiana died today because he refused medical care from paramedics he learned were gay. Paul Webb, a Christian fundamentalist, asked for a second ambulance to come to his home and died of shock prior to its arrival.

"Mr. Webb called 911 this morning after a lawn mower accident severed his left hand. Our paramedics arrived at his residence within minutes, but Mr. Webb refused any assistance that could have prevented him from bleeding out because he learned both of the paramedics were gay," stated Gabriel Asher, a spokesman for the Bentley Fire Department.

"Here's this guy bleeding out on his driveway and just as we were about to save his life he asked us if we were gay. When we confirmed his suspicion he called 911 again and demanded another ambulance," said Michael Link, one of the responding paramedics.

Louisiana. (Above in red)

Webb's second call to 911 confirmed the statements from the fire department. In the recording, Webb told the 911 operator she was "going to hell for sending sodomites" to his house, and demanded "good Christians" be sent to save his life.

A second ambulance arrived at the Webb residence about ten minutes later, but by that time Mr. Webb had already expired.

The Webb family used a lawyer to release a statement this afternoon warning it would very likely be suing the city for wrong death due to its immoral hiring practices.


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