New Florida Voter I.D. Law Only to Accept RNC Membership Card

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA (The Nil Admirari) - Today, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) threw his support behind a new voter I.D. bill that aims to be the strictest in the nation. The "Voting Responsibly Bill," or "HB 2016," was introduced by Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (R - District 51) and will only allow a Republican National Committee (RNC) membership card to be an acceptable form of identification for Florida voters.

"This bill is the only way we can confirm the identity of a voter in Florida and make sure voting in 2016 is fraud-free," stated Scott while at a fundraiser.

Earlier drafts of the legislation only required a voter in Florida to have any RNC membership card, but Republican state legislators led by Speaker Crisafulli decided that was not strict enough.

An unacceptable RNC Membership Card for
confirming voter identity in Florida under HR 2016.

"Only a RNC Platinum Membership Card can truly defend against voter fraud in Florida," stated Crisafulli.

All Republican presidential candidates have publicly supported the bill, except Senator Ted Cruz (R - T.X.) who boasted "I could write a better one." Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both expressed concern the bill "may unfairly favor Republicans."


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