Jeb Bush Discovered Romney Has 470 Wives, Forced Him Not to Run in 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Nil Admirari) - Mitt Romney shocked many political observers in late January when he announced he was not going to run for president in 2016.  Now it appears Romney may have been blackmailed to stay out of the 2016 race by Republican rival and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who discovered Romney has 470 wives.

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. (PHOTO: AP)

A leaked recording detailing a mid-January meeting between Romney and Bush shows there was a heated exchange between the two:
"How the hell did you find out?" asked Romney of Bush. 
"Let's just cut to the chase and agree you are not running in 2016," replied Bush.   
"I just want you to know this is very wrong, Jeb. Very wrong," stated Romney. 
Jeb Bush can be heard laughing. 
"Having 470 wives spread across the county with four times as many kids is wrong. And the press is going to find out all about it if you don't announce you're out of the 2016 presidential race by the end of the month," said Bush.
"Okay," replied a barely audible Romney. 
"Good. Give my best to Ann," stated Bush.
Neither Romney or Bush has responded to our requests for comment.


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